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meangrls icons

the F E T C H E S T icons on LJ

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Previously a rating community, meangrls has since transformed into an elite & completely fetch icon community created by xo_talie and updated with new icons and graphics EVERYDAY!

1. Credit icon makers' icons, graphics, etc.
2. Icons are for lj-use only.
3. State the exact icons you are taking.
4. This is not a request community, although it is sometimes offered.
5. No direct-linking, upload to your own server.
6. No customizing our work.
7. No claiming our work as your own.
8. If you are a member of a stolen icon community, don't join.
9. Only icon makers can post icons.
10. NEVER contact us anywhere asking for us to personally make you graphics, layouts, icons, etc. Go to a request community for that.. or do it yourself!!

+ Creator; xo_talie

+ Owners; glambella
+ Makers;
+ To become an icon maker please submit examples of your work at this post. Please make sure all icons submited are high-quality. Thank you & Good luck.

+ If you do not know how to credit don't stay out of the loop. Learn how to credit today! It's easy to do and keeps you out of trouble with the credit police.

+ Love any of the brushes used at meangrls icons? Here are some of the fabulous people that make them.

+ Help make meangrls the best icon community on LJ by letting us know what icons you want to see. So hit that link and give us some suggestions!!!

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created by: xo_talie (no direct linking)

sister communities: _tabloidtrash & _couturedamour